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Neighborhood Dining, Elevated.

Avenue M is a community-focused neighborhood restaurant located in Uptown Asheville (on the north side of town). Our menu offers unique takes on classic comfort foods, as well as seasonal dishes made from scratch using local ingredients, where possible.

An Asheville Original Since 2010

Greg and Teri Siegel founded Avenue M in 201o with a vision for a bright, vibrant neighborhood restaurant. Over the following nine years Avenue M blossomed into a beloved local hangout where people of all backgrounds came to eat, drink, and gather. In 2019, Ralph Lonow and Tony Creed were presented the opportunity to carry on Avenue M's legacy as new owners.

Since then, they've remodeled the interior and introduced the neighborhood to new dishes and a whole lot of new wines. They've done this, while holding on to some of Avenue M's most beloved offerings, including a welcoming atmosphere. Don't let the creative platings fool you– Avenue M remains (and will always be) a restaurant and gathering place for all.

Meet Team Avenue M

What Hospitality Means To Us

“Sharing a meal with others at a table is the one thing we all have in common. It crosses all cultural and language barriers. It’s the one thing we all do, and it’s the quickest way to discover new things about any culture.  

Hospitality begins with the people serving you. The people cooking your food, washing the dishes, Serving the food and cleaning up. If our goal is to make you happier when you leave than you were when you arrived, our focus has to begin with how we create joy amongst ourselves. If our staff is engaged, focused and joyous, OUR experience will transfer through to the plate, which is what we aim for. The seamless transfer of joy we receive from practicing and sharing our craft to those who trust us to feed them

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